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Q: Can GIS be implemented with other existing technologies?

A: Due to the nature by which it has evolved GIS can be easily integrated with other existing technologies:

Desktop Mapping

A desktop mapping system organises data and user interaction. The focus of such systems is the creation of maps: the map is the database. Most desktop mapping systems have more limited data management, spatial analysis, and customisation capabilities.


CAD systems evolved to create designs and plans of buildings and infrastructure. These systems require few rules to specify how components can be assembled and very limited analytical capabilities. CAD systems have been extended to support maps but typically have limited utility for managing and analysing large geographical databases.

Remote Sensing and GPS

Remote sensing is the art and science of making measurements of the earth using sensors such as cameras carried on aeroplanes, GPS receivers, or other devices. These sensors collect data in the form of images and provide specialised capabilities for manipulating, analysing and visualising those images. Although they may lack strong geographic data management and analytical operations, the incorporating of satellite images into GIS analysis provides a real-life backdrop of the land. This can be of particular benefit in studies involving the environment, coastline, landscape, planning, green belt, hydrology, etc.

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